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Certified ShitHot Mattifying Face Primer 20mL/0.68 fl oz.

Certified ShitHot Mattifying Face Primer 20mL/0.68 fl oz.

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Smooth, Long-Lasting Finish

Certified ShitHot Mattifying Face Primer is your ultimate weapon in creating that fresh-faced, flawless look that lasts all day. The silicone-based formula a perfect application of your makeup, providing smooth canvas for effortless application. This primer brings out the best of your natural beauty while ensuring your glow makeup stays put, perfect those busy days or long nights out.

Skin-Friendly and Sustainable

Looking great shouldn't compromise your health or environment. This product does not contain parabens, a common ingredient with potential health risks. Certified ShitHot Mattifying Primer's commitment goes beyond beauty as it comes in recyclable packaging aligning your beauty routine with-conscious practices.

Compatibly Skin with Ease

Individuals with oily skin will love the mattifying properties of this face primer. It does an excellent job blurring the appearance of pores and controlling excess oil, leaving you with a fresh, matte finish. Keep your makeup clear and flawless round the clock, with minimal touch-ups.

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    1. Silicone-based formula for long-lasting hold: Our product features a silicone-based formula that provides a long-lasting hold. Enjoy the benefits of a makeup look that stays in place throughout the day, without the need for frequent touch-ups.

    2. Mattifying to combat natural face oils: Experience the mattifying effect of our product. It helps to control and combat natural face oils, keeping your skin looking fresh and shine-free for longer periods of time.

    3. Fills in pores and fine lines for a flawless finish: Our product is designed to fill in pores and fine lines, creating a smooth and flawless finish. Enjoy the benefits of a refined complexion that appears airbrushed and perfected.

    4. Paraben-free: We take pride in offering a paraben-free formula, ensuring that no potentially harmful ingredients are included. Our product prioritizes your skin's health and well-being, allowing you to use it with confidence.

    5. Recyclable packaging: We are committed to sustainability. Our product is packaged in recyclable materials, reducing environmental impact, and allowing you to make an eco-conscious choice.

    How To Use

    Achieve flawless application with our expert technique.

    Application Instructions:

    1. Smooth layer with a synthetic makeup brush: Start by using a synthetic makeup brush to smooth a layer of our product over clean and moisturized skin. The synthetic bristles of the brush help to evenly distribute the product, ensuring a seamless application.

    2. Let it set for 15 seconds: Allow the product to set on your skin for approximately 15 seconds. This brief waiting period allows the product to adhere properly and create a smooth canvas for further makeup application.

    3. Wear alone or under makeup: Our product can be worn alone for a natural and radiant look or used as a primer under makeup. Choose the option that suits your desired makeup style and enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting and flawless finish.


    Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer